Intimate stories of life as a Christian in the business world.

Each episode is a journey into making our faith an irresistible force in our businesses and beyond. Tune in and let's walk this path together, illuminating our work with His light.

What you will learn

Integrating Faith with Business:

Discover how to seamlessly blend your Christian faith into your business practices, ensuring that your work not only prospers but also glorifies God. Learn strategies for making your faith an integral part of your entrepreneurial journey, creating a business that reflects your values and impacts the world positively.

Overcoming Faith-Related Blocks

Unpack the common challenges and obstacles that Christians face when expressing their faith, especially in the business world. Gain insights into navigating these blocks with grace and confidence, empowering you to share your faith openly and effectively while respecting diverse perspectives.

Building a Community of

Believers in Business

Learn the art of creating and nurturing a supportive community that shares your faith and business values. Understand the importance of connection and collaboration among Christian entrepreneurs, and how this community can uplift, inspire, and drive each other towards greater success and fulfillment.

My Favorites



The Inaugural Episode: Understanding the why behind it all; breaking down the Mission + Purpose Behind Irresistibly Christian Podcast

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Faith + Business: The building + components of creating a successful Faith Based Business

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Accepting Abundance: Being wealthy + being a Christian is possible. Creating a healthy mindset around Money.

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catch up on the


Letting God be the CEE of your business and life

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You are “Christian Enough” for us

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Enough being the best kept secret - Jonah

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